Fliss Quick

Collaborating with Rose

A girl in a green dress, with green hair and a red face
Many Fingered Magical Princess, 2014
A Tapesty of coloured wools, in rectangles
Tapestry Translation, 2014
A drawing, beside it, a photo likeness
Big Face Girl, 2014
A pink and blue vehicle
Zombie Tractor, 2014
Drawing of a landscape, a tent with occupant, sun and cloud in the sky. Alongside, a photo re-enactment.
Rabbit Cloud in a Sunshiny Sky
A drawing, beside it, a photo likeness
Long Legs Lady, 2015
A drawing - lady with blue hair, in a pink dress and green leggings, beside it, a photo likeness
Pink Dress Lady, 2015
A drawing of a mermaid with HANDS, beside it, a photo likeness
Mermaid, 2015

Collaborating with Rose

My niece Rose draws prolifically, and unbeknownst to her, I have used her drawings as instructions and attempted to recreate these in the real world.

To ensure a spontaneity to match that of the initial act, each drawing becomes a one day project where corners are cut, substitutes used and ad hoc solutions resorted to.

My collaborator is less than predictable. She fails to comply with my self-imagined collaboration and instead produces unanticipated images and coerces undertakings not of my choosing. Rose becomes, in my mind, the small capricious czar and I, subject to her whims.