Fliss Quick

Domestic Confessions

'I got a bit over enthusiastic. I started a few projects we can't afford to finish. So we're just living with it like this for now.' 2018
'These aren't my dream curtains.' 2018 *
'Sometimes, before I start on the washing up, I stand here and finish off Oz's lunchbox.' 2018 *
'If you shut the door, you can pretend it's not there.' detail, 2018
'If you shut the door, you can pretend it's not there.' 2018
'I know it's untidy. It makes finding things difficult. And it makes me grumpy. I'm just holding out for that perfect piece of storage.' 2018 *
'I can't quite let go of this stuff.' 2018 *
'I think I've decided where these are going.' 2018 *
'It's too low to properly get your legs under, and it's a bit of a squash when we have friends over, but it's got a certain charm.' 2018 *
'It'll look quite different to this.' 2018

Domestic Confessions

In this series, I borrow the authoritative language of the gallery and label the seemingly mundane objects and spaces of the domestic environment. Through conversational and sometimes confessional titles the exhibition labels narrate a journey through the domestic sphere revealing snippets of family life and invite the viewer to identify with the sentiments expressed.

This work is part of the Home-Maker series, and was shown originally in the self titled exhibition within our own home amongst the chaos and debris of normal family life: Works which seek to situate the artist in relation to mother, wife and homemaker.

* Photograph by Stephanie Defragger