Fliss Quick

Domestic Relics

'Squeeze (Kitchen Print series)', 2018
Sign (Kitchen Print series), 2018
Broccoli Tots, July to October (Kitchen Print series), 2018
Broccoli Tots, July to October, detail (Kitchen Print series), 2018

Domestic Relics

‘Housewifery is continual, repetitious, ephemeral and the results are fleeting and usually uncelebrated’. Through the preservation and display of the incidental outcomes of housewifery, I look to make these past events tangible, asking the viewer to mentally reconstruct the actions which led to these traces: figuratively and physically framing the evidence of domestic labour.

This work is part of the Home-Maker series, and was shown originally in the self titled exhibition within our own home amongst the chaos and debris of normal family life: Works which seek to situate the artist in relation to mother, wife and homemaker.

Photographs by Stephanie Defragger