Fliss Quick

Much like Yesterday

A label explains the artist's daily tasks.
The artist vacuums the lounge as guests walk through.
Preparing lunch while guests look on.
Collecting fresh produce for the next meal.
The artist cleans shelves, while visitors examine the living room.
Visitors reading a label.
Tidying the bookshelves.

Much like Yesterday

Much like Yesterday is a durational performance. I invite viewers to observe me in the usually unseen act of housewifery: I ‘perform my domestic duties’'.

The performance highlights the intrinsic rhythms and repetition in the gestures of the homemaker and asks the view to attend to these everyday moments.

Choosing to present these usually private and mundane acts is an attestation to my role as an artist: Housework is Artwork.

This work is part of the Home-Maker series, and was shown originally in the self titled exhibition within our own home amongst the chaos and debris of normal family life: Works which seek to situate the artist in relation to mother, wife and homemaker.

Photographs by Stephanie Defragger